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True Induction 30″ Electric Built-in Induction Cooktop Stove, 4 Burner, 7400W TI-4B

Price: $799.00 - $704.99
(as of Dec 09,2022 10:19:52 UTC – Details)

True Induction cooktops are 100% portable. They are usable wherever you have access to an outlet. Thus, it is perfect for camping, barbecues, or any special culinary occasions calling for extra burners. This unit has a ceramic glass surface, making cleaning a breeze. One feature that distinguishes True Induction from other induction cooktops is the ability to power share between all four burners. The TI-4B is extremely energy efficient and allows food to cook faster, which saves time and energy, and most importantly, money. It runs off of a standard 110V outlet using 1800 watts. When purchasing optimal induction cookware, the bottom should be flat with a diameter of 4.5″ to 10″ inches. To test if your cookware is ready for induction cooking, place a magnet against the bottom. When the magnet adheres, your cookware is induction-ready. For a safe cooking experience, our cooktop has a built-in power-off feature that registers the removal and replacement of the cookware. Another great safety feature this cooktop includes is a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232.22 °C). This feature helps prevent the cooktop from overheating, causing extreme injury or fire. Our goal with True Induction cooking is to create a safe, fun, and convenient cooking experience for everyone!
ADA Compliant/ True Induction cook tops are 90% energy efficient
UL 858 Listed, Built- in Safety Feature, 30 inch induction cook top
Cooktop requires 240VAC 60hz wiring and a circuit with a 35 amp fuse
Includes True Induction’s trademark EZ touch controls, numerous safety features, child safety controls
Electric induction elements use electricity to produce a magnetic field that reacts with the iron in metal cookware

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