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Doumigo 36 Inch Induction Cooktop, 11400W Electric Stove Built-in 5 Boost Power Cooktops Burners Including 2 Fixei Bridge Element, 9 Heating Level, Kid Safety Lock, Timer, 240V Countertop Burners

Price: $729.00
(as of Dec 07,2022 11:26:21 UTC – Details)

Product Description

2 burner electric cooktop banner of cooktops2 burner electric cooktop banner of cooktops

induction cooktop electric cooktopinduction cooktop electric cooktop

electric stove induction cookerelectric stove induction cooker

Induction Cooktop from GOUMIGOInduction Cooktop from GOUMIGO Why choose DOUMIGO?

DOUMIGO has more than 20 years of experience in the R&D and production of induction cookers;

All products have safety certifications such as ETL, Intertek and FC.

DOUMIGO owned the unique high-frequency, high-power, and stable heating technology in the electric induction cooktop market.

Enjoy your cooking time using DOUMIGO appliances.

Package Includes: 1*Induction cooktop stove 5 burners 1*Power cord(without plug) 1*Install instruction

DOUMIGO 36″ Built-in 5 burner(2 Bridge Elements) electric cooktop

High-tech design appliances

Control Type: LED Digital Touching Control Panel

Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 36” x 21” x 2.1”

Cut out Size(WxD): 35.2″ x 19.8″ (Min); 35.4″ x 20.1″ (Max)

Power Level: 9 levels temperature setting.

Max Power Output: Toal power 11400W; front left zone power up 2000W(boost 2500W); rear left up to 1600W(boost 2000W); front right up to 1600W(boost 2000W); rear right up to 2000W(boost 2500W) and the center zone power up to 3000W(boost 4000W)

Vitro Ceramic Smooth Surface & Easy to Clean Glass Flexi Bridge Element: Including 2 bridge(left side and right side) Heating Elements: 5 Child Safety Lock: Included Timer Zone: 1 to 99 minutes Fuel Type: Electric, 240V/60Hz Installation: Built-In

Induction cooktop 5 burners(2 bridge elements)

Induction cooktop 5 burners(2 bridge elements)

easy to clean induction cooktop

easy to clean induction cooktop

9 level temperature induction cooktop

9 level temperature induction cooktop

Mirror-like Surface & Bridge Element

The mirror-like smooth cooktop makes your kitchen look neater and more beautiful; you can even process ingredients on the induction cooktop.

And 2 flexi bridge elementx let you more easier to meet your culinary needs

Easy to Clean Cooktop Burners

Due to the vitro ceramic smooth glass surface, there is no any indentation. All stains just stay on the surface.

You just need to use a rag to wipe gently, and the stove surface will be as clean as new.

9 Power Levels Induction Cooktop

With 9 power setting, Doumigo electric cooktop can meet most you needs : simmer, steam, sear, slow cook, deep fry, and boil can be easily achieved by 9 power settings.

Please enjoy your cooking time with our desktop/built-in induction cooktop!

kid safe electric cooktop

kid safe electric cooktop

time setting induction stove

time setting induction stove

over heat protection induction cooktop

over heat protection induction cooktop

Kids Safety Lock

Press and hold the plus and minus buttons at the same time for three seconds to lock or unlock(You can hear a “beep” sound and the lock key light). In the locked state, the plus/minus/select key cannot be operated.Child safety lock for the ultimate in reliability.


DOUMIGO induction cooktop with timer up to 99 minutes, which will shut down automatically when timer is up to avoid overcook or food burnt. You can also use the timer control as a minute minder to remind you the specific time. The timer function makes cooking time easy or even a leisure for you when enjoy cooking.

Over-Temperature Protection

A temperature sensor equipped can monitor the temperature inside the induction hob. When an excessive temperature is monitored, the cooktop will stop operating automatically.

suitable for most types cookware-induction cooktopsuitable for most types cookware-induction cooktop

2 burner electric cooktop2 burner electric cooktop

【Super Booster and Fast Heat Induction Cooktop】Equipped with 5 Booster burners including 2 bridge elements, the electric cooktop(240V) has 9-level temperature control, total powers up to 11400W. It could meet your diverse cooking needs at the same. Save time and energy.
【Easy to Install Electric Stove】Doumigo 36 inch 5 burners electric cooktop is easy to install. Product size: 36” x 21” x 2.1”. Cut out size: 35.2” x 19.9”. It is suitable for 240V 60Hz. You can find out the installation guide in the manual or contact us anytime.
【Easy Clean & Touch Control Surface】This induction cooktop has the Vitro ceramic smooth surface glass, and premium mirror-like countertop burners surface, making it very easy to clean up just by a lightly rub. However, the touch control sensor is also sensitive enough, even if there was water on the surface! And the built-in 5 burners were placed far apart, so no worry for the cookware would collide.
【Safe Electric Induction Stove】The cooktops are specially designed for safety, having various safety protection functions, such as a child safety lock, an automatic shut down protection, and overheat protection. Set the timer from 1 minute and up to 99 minutes, so you can enjoy your leisure time.
【Longevity and Satisfaction Guarantee】We guarantee that our 36-inch induction stove can have over 50,000 hours of constant run time making the maintenance cost sharply cut down. We can also promise that the parameters of the Doumigo electric cooktop are true standards. You will get 3-year assurance and 60-day full money back or replacement and Doumigo induction cooktop is your choice of value for money.

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